Over the span of his 20-year career, Jack Parker has taken his life-long journey through the peaks and valleys, and shaped a musical sound reminiscent of a timeless America. For years, Parker has been the ingenious six-string slinger interpreting other people’s songs from “stage-right” as a founding member of Tumbledown (along with Mike Herrera of MxPx), Rocky Point All-Stars, New Old Stock, and Dark Horses,  (Parker was also a guitarist for the legendary Bremerton punk band MxPx from 2011-2016), but more recently he has taken center-stage to write, sing, and play his own songs that have an air of rambling down the open road, but ultimately a longing for coming home. His roots lie in the heart of the great Pacific Northwest, right next to the shores of Puget Sound.

Parker released his first solo EP entitled Homegrown (also available on Vinyl LP) in 2014. The album opens with the exciting southern-rocker “It’s So Good (To Be Back Home)” that mixes the attitude of his Tumbledown twang with his meticulous ear for melody. He sings about loving life on the road, but that coming home is what makes it all worthwhile. On other songs like “I Might Love You,” “Gone,” and “Put Me Down,” he pulls beautifully from his bluegrass and southern rock influences like Tony Rice or The Outlaws, to create a whole new sound all his own. His songs invoke a romantic sense of longing, for overcoming pain caused by life’s hardships and failed relationships, coupled with a desire to find true joy.

In 2019 Parker proudly formed “Jack Parker and The Remedy,” an exciting, dynamic, electric band that is rapidly turning heads all around the PNW music scene.

On August 12, 2022 Parker released his full-length follow-up to “Homegrown” entitled “Through the Darkness.” For this album he recorded and produced the songs almost entirely himself in his own studio Homegrown Recording Co. with the help of long-time collaborator/producer Bryan Daisley (Bryan Daisley Band). The new album blends styles of southern rock, americana, country, and even a touch of bluegrass. It also features many prominent PNW musicians like Mike Herrera (MxPx), Tony Reed (Mos Generator), Greg Kramer (True Loves), Darla Rae (Craetorus), and many more. Through the Darkness is now available everywhere!

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“One of the things that immediately strikes you about Parker’s debut is his vocals, which are a blend of Glen Frey and James Taylor with his own northwest inflections. This folksy tone carries through the rest of his songs, shining most clearly and plaintively on “The Mountain” and “Gone.” Parker’s guitar skills – both acoustic and electric – also make Homegrown a must-listen. Whether he’s strumming a back porch ballad or firing off greasy licks and solos, his attention to phrasing and tone are top-notch. Even for non-guitar players, the overall sound and feeling of Parker’s guitar-playing sticks out above the majority of what’s (currently) out there. Parker has years of experience under his belt, and he knows when (and what) to play, and more importantly when (and what) NOT to play.”
-Will Hodge – My So-Called Soundtrack, Rolling Stone

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