Jack Parker first picked up the guitar over 35 years ago, and has been playing and studying the instrument ever since. He is a professional musician of over 25 years, and has taught lessons just as long. Specializing in many different styles such as rock, blues, country, bluegrass, and punk, Jack can teach it all. Are you a complete beginner? Jack can show you right where to start, and will have you making music almost right away. Have you already been playing a few years? Jack can show you tips, and tricks to improve your technique specific to your preferred style.  No matter if you are wanting to improve your rhythm playing, or your lead solo work— Jack can show you the way! Sign up for your first month of lessons today!

Lessons in-person (Kitsap County, WA), or remote (Anywhere!)

$30 Per half-hour lesson, weekly

Contact Jack HERE for more information or to sign-up as a student