Volume 3

I wasn’t going to write about the election. I’m still not completely ready, but I at least wanted to share a couple of things. I already wrote a few pages of what was essentially just emotional word-vomit, so I erased that whole draft and started completely over with this version. 

I will say that the candidate-for-president that won was definitely not who I voted for. I actually almost just said “presidential candidate,” but that term “presidential” would be far better-suited for describing literally ANYONE else. Even MY dumb-ass is more presidential than that guy. If you voted for him, and this offends you that’s fine. We can disagree. The beauty of this country is that we all have a right to express our beliefs, and these are mine. 

No matter what you believe, or who you voted for, the plain and simple fact is that this election (AND the forthcoming presidential administration) has divided our country more than at any other time in my almost-40 years on this big blue planet. Our country has seen huge spikes in hate-crimes against literally every single marginalized group (of actual real HUMANS- our mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters) all over our country (not just red states) since the election. It makes me physically sick to my stomach on a daily basis. How can we possibly stand for that? 

I woke up the day after the election feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I was emotionally hungover- perhaps slightly actually hungover too, as it definitely took a lil’ extra merlot to get through the previous night. After some coffee and scrambled eggs with Rachel I had a moment of clarity. I sat down with my pen/legal pad, and wrote myself a note. I want to share it with you because it’s my hope that it might be able to help someone/anyone who might be feeling like I did that morning. 

“Okay. It’s time to FOCUS. Make more art. Make more music. Share it. Work harder. Play more. LOVE more. Sing more. Learn more. Get stronger. Fight harder. GIVE more. Be selfLESS. CREATE. Read more. Write. LISTEN. Say ‘do,’ not ‘don’t.’ HOLD YOUR BABIES CLOSER. Be a leader. Be GRATEFUL. Laugh more! Be a LIGHT, and SHINE! It will be FAR from easy, but WORTH IT. YOU GOT THIS. Remember that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.”

I also shared this in hopes of making myself more accountable, because I really need to do better at all of these things, now more than ever. 

I will never give up. I hope you won’t either.